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At Rise, our mission for our schools derives from our belief that within every individual lies a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge and it is our aim to awaken this curiosity in the early years and help keep it alive by providing quality education at every level.


Our main aim is to create a balance between preparing children for their academic life and simultaneously, life itself. As a recognized Cambridge Early Years Centre, we follow the Cambridge Early Years Curriculum to prepare our children for their academic path in life, ensuring that they are ready and comfortable for whatever academic journey they may take. Our Curriculum and approach places emphasis on helping to raise responsible, considerate, energetic members of a community ready to contribute positively to the world around them. We view every child, every student, every individual as a valued member of society and treat them as such.

Our approach at every Rise Prechool, places great emphasis on developing Healthy Habits from a young age, increasing your child’s chances of continuing these habits throughout their lifetime. Firstly, promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are a priority for us - a well balanced dietary plan and exercise becomes a part of your child’s routine at school. Additionally, our schools participate in environmental awareness programs such as Eco Schools and LEAF which allow us the opportunity to introduce this important topic to our young students and encourage them to be environmentally friendly and live an eco-friendly lifestyle by practicing this during their time at school. Finally, at each Rise Preschool, the concept of simply being a decent person is never, at any level, overlooked or undervalued. Respect, kindness and manners are a huge part of our environment and the idea of helping others and being considerate and caring to those around us are aspects of life that are touched upon every step of the way in our learning experiences.

Our Learning Approach is student centered,  allowing each child the freedom to experiment with their preferred means of learning as it is our true belief that early years education is a time to learn how we like to learn. We aim to allow our students to learn through hands on experience and experimentation alternating between independent, teacher led and group based activities.

Finally, a significant factor of our preschools is our interest in every child’s uniqueness and our appreciation of every child’s individuality. We base our plans for each child on their needs and abilities, not simply their age. Differentiation, we believe, is key to successful development and we strive for your child to reach their full potential with our enthusiastic guidance and assistance.

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How to join

The first thing we do in the admissions process is set up a meeting so we can meet in person and make sure we’re the right fit for your family.

Simply fill out the ‘Enquiry Form’ and we will contact you when it’s been received.